Low quality dog foods contain unnecessary amounts of fillers and chemical preservatives that can cause all kinds of health problems. These foods are more about making money than keeping your dog healthy and happy.

The best food for a dog is all-natural or organic. Look at the labels of dog foods and choose one that is 40% meat, 50% vegetables, and 10% grain.

Some people choose vegetarian diets for their dogs, which can be healthy. However, dogs are naturally omnivores, so the best option is a diet of both vegetables and meat.

Any food that lists the ingredients BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin, which are harmful preservatives, should be avoided.

There are now many brands of holistic and organic pet food. The healthiest brands of food to look for are Innova, Evo, Orijen, Blue Buffalo, Karma, Eukanuba, Timberwolf Organics, Solid Gold, Wellness and Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul.

The best dog foods unfortunately can be the most expensive, but they can reduce skin allergies, lead to a longer life and stronger immune system. Organic food also makes coats soft and shiny and keeps dogs at a healthy weight and gives them more energy.

Dog food companies also offer different targeted nutrition. Examples of this include puppy food to help young dogs grow, food for older dogs to help them maintain a healthy weight. Some brands even sell food made just for hunting or working dogs, which help them maintain muscle and energy.

Another food tip for keeping man’s best friend at its best is to switch flavors and brands about 3 to 4 times a year. Make the switch by gradually mixing new food with the old. Canned food along with dry food will also keep your dog happy and healthy.

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