Do you own a Siberian husky? If yes is your answer then you might need some information on husky training. This breed is a great companion, full of energy and loving dog. It is a great working breed too. However, you must train the dog from early on. Because the husky is highly intelligent this can be a bit of a struggle without the right knowledge. Read on to find out how to train your husky.

Training Information

To start with, an owner of a husky must have patience to do proper husky training. This dog does have the ability to learn but because of its strong-will it may take a bit longer to train it. Let’s look at some proven ways to train a husky.

When housebreaking this dog, consider crate training it. This method is working best for many owners of huskies. These dogs are clean by nature in fact and will not mess up where they sleep. This is one reason that the crate training works so well on them.

Your dog should be socialized early on too. This is to get it used to the other pets in the house or the people it will see on a regular basis. The kids in the house need to be taught how to be gentle with the dog though too. Socialization is very important for the dog not to lash out just because someone or another animal is trying play with it.

A husky should be trained to know boundaries such as no jumping, chasing, or grabbing. This will help make the dog safer to be around kids. Also when company comes over it is good to have a well-behaved dog because not everyone likes dogs jumping on them.

Use positive reinforcement when husky training. This is a kind way of teaching any dog. You give treats or a sign of affection when the dog does the task you are trying to teach it. There is no need to be rough when attempting to teach a dog a command.

Make sure you set yourself as the alpha dog in the house. You need to be the leader of the pack. This will keep the dog from taking over the house. Even walk through the doors first instead of letting the dog go first. This will take a bit of time to establish but is very necessary.

Once your husky obeys your basic commands and knows you are in charge you can further train it on more complex task. Pulling a sled is one thing a Siberian husky loves to do. This is often done with more than one dog. So the dog also needs to learn how to work in a team.

Use the above information and start husky training your dog today. A well-behaved dog is a pleasure for all to be around. It takes patience and a bit of knowledge to train a husky, but it quite willing to learn with the right approach.

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