Now that you have decided which puppy to get, you must check out the husky breeders to purchase it from. You need to do this carefully to ensure you get the healthiest of puppies. Writing down some things to look for and take the list with you is a good thing to do. This way you will not forget to notice something important. Let’s look at how to find a good breeder along with what things you need to look for in one.

How to Find a Good Breeder

A good breeder will advertise in the dog magazines and on the Internet more than anywhere else. You can ask the local veterinarian because he or she will work with some husky breeders at times. Another great way is to talk to family or friends who have huskies which breeder they used. Ask them if they recommend them.

Things to Look for in a Dog Breeder

You first should mark down to notice the environment that the dogs were raised in. Is it clean at the breeders you visit? This question should be at the top of your list. Why? Puppies raised in unclean surroundings are more prone to start their lives with diseases.

Write down that you also need instructions and documents from the breeder. These will tell you how to care for the puppy along with their pedigree and veterinarian records. You will need to know which shots the pup has had if any and if it has been wormed already.

Mark it down that the husky breeders should have some information they want to know on you. If they care for their dogs they will want to make sure they are going to good homes. This means that the breeder is involved with his dogs for more than just making money.

Take you list and check each item off as it is performed by you or the breeder. This way you have proof the breeder is good quality. The husky lives for about 12 to 15 years so you do not want one that is going to be sickly. This would set the dog up for lifelong problems. Instead you want a well-bred, strong dog to enjoy for those years.


Remember the huskies are not small dogs; they do need room to run. So if you are an apartment dweller then choose a smaller breed that does not need as much room or activity. These dogs can become bored easy and must be played with or walked at least once a day. Dogs are a commitment and should not be bought on a whim. Like people they take a lot of loving care to grow into adulthood.

Use the above information to locate husky breeders that do their jobs right. This way you will get a healthy husky to become part of your family. You will soon grow to love your new puppy with all its quirks and characteristics. Become part of the rich history of this breed that has lasted down through the years.

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