Do you need help training your Siberian husky? Does you find it difficult to keep your dog behaving and not wrecking up your home? Do you have issues with your dog barking, chewing, and digging? You’re not alone. These are common issues that many new Siberian husky owners face, and it is important to understand how these issues result.

The main problem is that most people have an idea about how to train a dog in general, but due to the nature of Siberian huskies, these typical dog training methods don’t work. There are special measures you must take when training a Siberian husky.

Before you even being with proper Siberian husky training techniques, you need to understand more about the unique nature of the breed and why they act the way they do. Siberian huskies were originally sledding dogs. Therefore, their temperament is one of a strong-willed, stubborn, and independent dog. As a result, customary training methods will not work. If you want to teach your dog something, you will have to guide with a strong, guiding hand, and not try to punish him or to bribe him with treats.

If you are not an equally strong-willed individual when training your Siberian husky, then the dog will not feel the need to respect you… and won’t. You need to be firm and confident in your command, and willing to keep your Siberian husky under control and out of trouble.

A most troubling trait for new owners is how hyper and active Siberian huskies can be. Consequently they regularly need a lot of exercise, and a place to run around (as they originally are sledding dogs). A frequent issue is that owners don’t let their Siberian husky get enough exercise, and as a result, they vent their energy by being destructive… in your house. Don’t train Siberian huskies with the intention of having them be guard dogs and the like, because they are ill-suited for this; they are very “social” dogs and will be more than willing to casually and happily go up to the potential intruder.

Some other common traits of Siberian huskies:

  • stubborn, willful, and clever breed of dogs
  • very athletic and require a lot of exercise
  • very energetic, loving to run, chase, and dig
  • friendly and good-natured to strangers
  • strong-willed, thus needing a demanding and confident owner

While these are just some of the aspects one must consider when during Siberian husky training, there are some resources that you may resort to. There are very few, but the only good one that I have found is the Siberian Husky Training Tips guide. A very effective and yet economical solution for training, with the only other main option being taking your dog to a professional trainer, which is costly.

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