If you cannot afford the price of a purebred husky but want a dog with similar qualities think about a Siberian Husky Mix. Just remember though that the dog will take on characteristics of any breed it has in it. So it could have some personality traits of one mixed in with the other.

There is one big advantage to mixed breeds over the purebreds. Many times the mixed-breed dogs have less health problems. So along with the dog costing less to get in the first place, you could find yourself spending less in veterinarian bills during the dog’s life. What is some common mixes for huskies though? Read on to find a list of a number of them…

Some Common Siberian Husky Mix

Goberian is a mix of the Siberian husky and the golden retriever. Golden retrievers are such beloved dogs they are good to cross breed with the huskies. The goberian retains some qualities from both dogs.

Alaskan huskies are a mix of the Siberian huskies and several other working breeds. They are bred for working dogs and can be larger than the purebred Siberian ones. These dogs can vary in color from solid black to solid white and many variations in between. Appearance is not important because these dogs are not a registered breed and not for show but work as we already stated.

The Siberian husky can be mixed with a White Arctic wolf too. This mix though can bring out the aggressiveness of the wolf with the characteristics of the husky. So wolf mixes tend to be controversial. This Husky Mix is not seen that often though.

The Siberian husky is also seen mixed with a German shepherd. With this mix you get a good watchdog because that is the German shepherd’s strongest point. The dog can also be energetic, loyal, vocal and quite attractive with these two breeds bred together.

Another attractive pairing is the Siberian husky with a collie. Both have such a work ethic that the personalities complement each other. These dogs’ coat colors can range from the typical collie coloring to a more-true husky coloring.

Huskimo is a mix of Siberian husky and the American Eskimo breed. This mix produces a good work dog that loves to pull things. Also a very affectionate dog too.

husky mix


It doesn’t matter what kind of husky you choose The number one problem for dog owners is safety. This holds true for those who have husky dogs to take care of every day. Dog owners can barely keep husky dogs indoors. The best solution to this problem is a GPS tracker device for dogs, the Huskies are very active and can be easily lost, so this device will help you.

Before you buy any mixed breed though, research the characteristics of each breed involved to see what the possible personality of the dog would be. This way you will know if the dog will be a good match for you and your family.

Now that you know some common Husky Mix dogs, which one do you like? Whichever one is the one that you like, know that having a dog is a responsibility. Any dog takes daily care to be healthy and strong. These dogs live for many years it is only right to give them the care they deserve. If you do not have time to take care of them right do not get a dog. However, if you are going to lavish the dog with love and care go out and find one today.