The history of the husky puppy is an interesting one. A husky is among the oldest of all the dog breeds. If you are wishing to buy one of these puppies, where and how to choose them might be on your mind. Check out the information provided here for help in knowing the necessary information.

Where to Find Puppies

It is always best to buy a husky puppy from a reputable breeder that adheres to the AKC breeding standards. This ensures you not only more true huskies looks-wise, but also healthier ones. You can locate a breeder by looking in various dog magazines or on the Internet. Steer clear of the ones that advertise in the newspaper; they could be backyard breeders who turn out inferior puppies standards-wise.

What to Look for in the Puppies

Now that you have found some breeders to go to, you have to know what to look for in the puppies. After all you want to get a healthy one and one true to breeding standards. So read on so you can get your money’s worth…

  • The first thing you need to pay attention to when picking out a puppy is the health of it. Yes even before proof of pedigree. Ask to check the veterinarian records first. These records should show if the puppy has been wormed, vaccinated or other health treatments. If the reports are good, proceed with asking the rest of your questions on the husky puppy that you have your eye on.
  • Observe each of the puppies in the litter to see how they act. Some might be shy and shy pups are not always good around kids. Kids want to play with puppies and the shy ones usually run and hide. An overly active one might be hard for you to deal with unless you have had dogs before. If you can get the one that is middle of the road activity-wise and not shy, this is the one good for beginner dog owners or ones with children. Less active ones might be good for an all-adult household.
  • Are the puppies socialized? They should be with not only other dogs but people too. The earlier this socialization starts the better.
  • The puppy you choose should have eyes free of discharge along with ears the do not have it either.
    Its coat should be clean and in good shape.
  • Are the pups free of fleas? This shows that the breeder has taken good care of them.
  • Are the mother and father on site? This lets you know the pups were in fact bred on site.

Use the information here to find a good breeder and know what type of puppy to pick out. Your husky puppy will give you years of love and enjoyment when it is taken good care of. This breed is a great work dog as in sled dogs, watchdog and family pet with the proper training.