If you are in the market for husky puppies, it is good choice for a dog. They are extremely intelligent, strong and even a working dog in certain situations. However, before purchasing a puppy you need to know where and where not to find them.

Where Not to Buy Puppies

As you are looking for husky puppies, there are places not to purchase them. Backyard breeders who do not pay attention to strict breeding standard should be avoided. Also pet shops have a tendency towards buying from puppy mills, and buying from them could get you an unhealthy dog.

Where to Buy Puppies

The right place to buy puppies is through a reputable breeder. There are many places on the Internet to locate one along with the popular dog magazines. Do trust ads in other places such as the newspapers, these could be backyard breeders. Also look for one in your area that you can go visit. This way you can check them out to see how the puppies look and who their parents are.

What to Look for in a Breeder

Check out the breeder to see if the place is clean that the puppies live in. You do not want a puppy that is raised in filth. A reputable breeder loves his dogs and takes very good care them and their pups until they are sold.

Make sure the puppies are kept on the property too. This ensures that the breeder is the one raising them instead of an outside source. Ask the breeder if they sell to retail shops, wholesalers or other commercial sources. A reputable breeder will not do this.

Another thing with the husky puppies that need to be checked out with the breeder is that they are at the least seven weeks old before the breeder will let them be taken home. Younger than this they should not be away from their mother.

Has the breeder made sure that the dam and sire of the puppies was two years old or older before being bred? Have they been tested for their genetic health? The answer to both of these questions should be yes. The breeder should also give you all the health information he has on relative of the dam and sire.

Make sure you know whether the puppies have been socialized at all with other dogs or people, especially kids. This is important to know, most reputable breeders know to start socialization as soon as possible.

The breeder should offer you proof of veterinarian checkups, any health problems and certification that the dog is a purebred. He should also be interested in what kind of owner you are going to be. If he is not interested in you then he might not be the kind of quality breeder you are looking for.

Also with huskies if you are going to show the dog you are buying than make sure the breeder is raising the show huskies. If you are going to race them, look for a breeder for racing huskies. Even though they are the same breed they will be bred specific to the uses this way.

The above information should help you find a reputable breeder for husky puppies. So go find your new puppy today.